Hey there, Sunshine!

A little bit about...

Stephanie understands that daily stressors can be communicated through the body as pain and imbalances in our overall well-being. 

She focuses on providing treatment and relief of symptoms from chronic upper body pain including neck, upper back and shoulder pain, tension headaches, postural strain and TMJ conditions.

She’s a University of Guelph Bachelor of Arts Honours graduate (2007) and spent 10 years getting paid to draw all day (talk about a dream job!). She was drawn back to academia and graduated with Honours from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy (2018) and has continued to expand her knowledge in areas of thoracic spine mobilization and pain science. When away from work, she enjoys stand-up comedy, weight training, and interior design.

Stephanie’s approach to massage therapy is first and foremost patient-centred, understanding that needs differ among individuals and should be reflected in treatment. She believes the benefits of massage therapy are best realized when aligned within her patients’ lifestyle, and encourages a safe, open dialogue to empower patients to be active participants in their health and a plan that works for them. As an athlete who’s sustained various injuries herself, Stephanie’s awareness of individual needs combined with a passion for helping others also extends to her massage therapy practice.

P.S. you won’t find traditional spa music here! Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Al Greene and Billie Holiday will have you just as relaxed and asking for a link to the playlist before your next massage.

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